So I went to New York…


And what you’re seeing now is the result of some very inspiring ten days that I spent wandering the streets of Manhattan (with my classmates of course).


This…was my room. We stayed in a wonderful little hostel, about a block from Union Square. As soon as I opened my little door on the 6th floor, I gasped with excitement. It was perfect. The window was opened, just as it is in the photo, and the sounds of the street below came pouring in. That was a big deal for a girl who has spent most of her life surrounded by corn fields. DSC_0005

Our first night in NYC was spent at a yummy pizza place and then followed by my presentation in Times Square. It was about the Evolution of Advertisement in Times Square. If you wanna boggle your mind sometime on your next lunch break, just look up the profit revenue for a year in Times Square. ha.


The days that followed were full of culture, museums, new food, and sore feet. It rained for most of the first half of our trip, but I am quite the fan of overcast days, so I was fine with it. Being in that city sparked a fire in me and I don’t care how cliche that sounds, it’s true.

I got to see so many of my favorite artworks in person and along the way, found more artists to love. I have always been a silent admirer of Claude Monet and witnessing his waterlily panels in person brought tears to my eyes. I also found that I am quite the admirer of Edward Hopper as well. I always loved his painting ‘Nighthawks’ and even wrote a song about it, but I did not plan on being drawn to his artwork whenever it was in a museum. Sometimes I cannot believe how much beauty there is in this world.



Seeing artworks in person is so much different from seeing them on a projector screen. Standing in front of artworks like ‘The Piano Lesson’ by Matisse made me realize this. You cannot see the brushstrokes, the declamatory statements, the ghosts of decisions that had been hastily covered by another dab of paint.


For a long time, I thought New York was my dream. It didn’t matter how I got there, as long as I was there, I knew I’d be happy. I learned that was not the case. Was I happy? Ecstatic. Was I inspired? Immensely. But I found that…the things that were missing when I was in Illinois, were just as missing in NYC.


What a brief description of the experience of a lifetime. I cannot begin to express how New York changed me. I was lucky enough to receive the Rocky Studies Abroad Scholarship from the Study Abroad Office at Western Illinois University and part of my appreciation for their generous offer is posting little snippets like this about my time in New York.


So now we come to this website. I know, I know, some of you are thinking “doesn’t this chick do enough crap?” The answer is….NO. I feel like I hardly do enough. The purpose of this website is for me to flourish my creative side, in hopes that not only will it help me emotionally, but it will help my career as an artist.


There will be more posts to come, but for now, this is what you get.


- The Girl in the Green Coat