flowers & friendship

Let me start off by saying…I have no idea where my summer went. I cannot believe that it is already August. In three weeks I’ll be heading back to Uni and back to a jam packed life of papers and reading assignments (yay).


One of my favorite sayings that I came across about a year ago said

“Some years ask questions, some years answer them.”

2017 was FULL of questions for me and not all of them aided my personal growth…but this year is answering a lot of questions for me.


Two weekends ago, a very important question was answered that has been burning in my mind for many years now, “Can I rekindle lost friendships?” I didn’t exactly get the answer I had anticipated.


I have burned a lot of bridges since I graduated high school and while I do not regret burning ALL of them, there are still some that left me uneasy. One of these, was a sincere friendship I had for a long time with a friend I had since Junior High. Our friendship suddenly crumpled after our first year of high school and slowly over time I realized she was one of the only sincere friends I had ever had. I wrote her a letter our senior year apologizing and asking for a new start and she agreed. We both were busy people though, so it wasn’t like we ever saw each other, we had just made peace.


Three years of college go by, and we begin sharing ideas and filming advice over text. I was so happy to see there was a potential future friendship. I ended up going and seeing her and a few other old friends in a musical at a community theater and next thing I know, she is inviting me to go film and take pictures in a flower field. I was elated.


Seeing her and talking to her and realizing we still had a lot of the same ideals, opinions, and interests validated for me that sometimes it’s not about the person, it’s about the timing.

Now, this is just one friendship out of many others that was actually rekindled. I learned a very important lesson from that weekend. In the same time that our friendship was renewed, another old friend of mine ‘stood me up’ so to speak. What I have come to know is that everyone heals and grows at their own pace. Some people never heal and you must forgive them for that. Please do not hold grudges against others for not progressing at the rate of forgiveness that you do. If you are the type of person who is hard at forgiving, take a moment to see from new perspectives, I know it’s hard to believe, but we’re not always in the right.


I have accepted the fact that not every person who left my life is meant to come back, that’s not how life works. I believe that every person we meet and encounter is there to teach us something, and once they have taught their lesson, they must move on and so must you, but if life happens to say “This lesson is not yet over” then do not resist! Only if it truly is going to cause you harm must you walk away. There is a difference between lessons and toxicity, it’s up to you to decipher that.


So what the heck is my goal by telling you all of this?


I used to be a very bitter person, and in fact, sometimes I still am. All I am saying is you cannot smolder over all the ways you have been forsaken in this life, but the lessons you have been taught and the things you have experienced. I hope today you can walk away from this blog and try again with someone in your life that at one time meant everything to you, whether it is a friend, a relative, or an old significant other. Life is too short and connection with others is too precious.

-The Girl in the Green Coat

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